1Where is Lightcity Bungalows situated?
LIGHTCITY BUNGALOWS is situated at Ketu-Epe in the metropolitan city of Epe.
2Who is the developer of The Lightcity Bungalows?
Landbank Homes Limited; an innovative and creative fast-growing player in the real estate industry is the developer of Lightcity Bungalows.
3What title does it have?
C of O in view
4Is there any encumbrance on the land?
The land is free from every government known acquisition, interest, and claim.
5Besides the buildings, what are the facilities available at Lightcity Bungalows?
• Swimming Pool • Sit-Out area • Green Area • Security & CCTV surveillance cameras
6Do I have to pay separately for these facilities?
No, you wouldn’t have to pay separately for these infrastructures.
7What type of infrastructure would the estate community have?
• Dedicated Transformer • Central Backup, • Sound-Proof, • Diesel Generator Central Treated Water • Well paved roads Covered Drainages
8Is there a cost for these infrastructures?
Yes, there is a cost for these infrastructures. Developmental fee: N2,200,000
9Is there a cost for documentation and survey?
Yes there is, N300,000 per unit
10What do I get after my initial deposit?
You get a receipt and the contract of sales agreement once payment of the initial deposit has been confirmed.
11What’s the price of the 2-bedroom fully detached bungalow?
Each unit of the 2-bedroom fully detached bungalow cost N15million and 3-bedroom cost N20Million (subject to increase) and they come with a zero interest, 6-month payment plan. With a deposit of N3million and N5million respectively you can secure a unit and spread the balance for 6 months at zero interest.
12What do I get after completing all payments?
Once payment is completed, you get your final receipt, and subsequently a Letter of Allocation.
13When do I pay the other charges?
The other charges should be paid after the purchase price for the apartment has been completed.
1415. What happens if I don’t make payment for 2 consecutive months of the agreed payment period?
10% of the total purchase price shall be added as interest fee on the outstanding balance for every 2 consecutive months the default occurs.
15Can the company manage the property for me?
Yes, the company can manage your property for you. You would have to appoint the company to be your property manager in a written letter.
16Would there be a facility management team for the estate?
Yes, there would be an on-site facility management team, and an on-site errand service team to run errands for visitors and occupants of the apartments.
17What is the completion period for one unit of the 2-bedroom fully detached bungalows?
Each unit of the 2-bedroom fully detached bungalow would be completed 3 months on outright payment and 6 months on completion of payment if your payment is spread.
18Can the company furnish my apartment for me?
Yes, the company can handle the furnishing of the apartment for you, but the cost would be dependent on the kind of furnishing you want.
19What account do I pay to?
Payment Should be made in favor of Landbank Homes Limited Guaranty Trust Bank 0643153265
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